In-School Programs

In-School Art Programs

A Crafty Art Program with Renée Sala is an amazing opportunity for your students to create lasting art pieces for your school with a large-scale project, or learn a new medium like clay or felt-making during single-class workshops.

She is currently booking into the 2018/19 school year.

She also writes grant proposals, and an amazing funding opportunity is listed below! 

Program Details


Clay, Felt-Making, Pastel & Watercolour Workshops


Workshops are typically 60-90 minutes and will fit into the school-day schedule. Clay needs two workshops two weeks apart for creating & glazing. 


One large table per 5 kids, and one chair per student is required. Ideally a multi-purpose room with a chalk-board and access to water can be used throughout the project if it is a large-scale piece. 


Large-Scale Projects will be presented with a budget specific to the project and cost varies dependant on the number of participants plus the cost of materials and artist time. 

Single Class Workshops are priced (per student) as follows:

Clay $12, Felt-Making $8, Pastel or Watercolour $6.

*Minimum 2 Classes per day

Funding Opportunity:

Renée Sala is listed on the Artists Directory of ArtStarts (, which is an organisation that distributes grants for schools and artists who want to create meaningful art programs for their students. They accept grant applications twice a year in October and May, and Renée is happy to help write the application. Grants for small projects (up to $3500) or large projects (up to $10,000) are available. Contact Renée today to get started on an idea for your school!