Spring 2018 Classes, Camps & Workshops

Spring 2018 Classes, Camps & Workshops

Renée from Crafty offers weekly multi-media classes and seasonal workshops in her Crafty Studio, at Cedar Hill Arts & Rec Centre and through Oak Bay Rec Centre in a variety of mediums to kids aged 1-12. All classes are focused on the experience over the outcome, and will engage children's imaginations through unique and playful projects.

Weekly classes are listed first, with Pro D Camps, Seasonal Workshops and full class descriptions below that.

Please contact Renée directly to ask questions about the classes or workshops.

Registration is through each individual location, and here are the links & numbers:

Crafty Studio (250-881-5075)

Cedar Hill Arts & Rec (250-475-7121)

Oak Bay Rec (250-595-7946) *various locations

Weekly Classes:


Kids 'N Clay

4:00-5:30, Age 8-11, Cedar Hill Rec, 6/$89

 6-week sessions: Apr 3rd-May 8th, May 15th-June 19th 


Home Learners Crafty Class:

1:30-3:00, Age 5-10, Crafty Studio, $25/wk

8 week Semester: April 11th- June 6th


Pro-D Camps:

Oak Bay Rec (register at oakbay.ca)

9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00, Ages 5-8, $40

April 20th - Springtime Camp! Flowery and sunny projects and outside time to enjoy the blossoms.

May 18th - Bees & Butterflies!

Class Descriptions

Crafty Club/Class & Crafty Homelearners:

A multi-media Semester (Fall, Winter, Spring) of classes filled with process-based projects in clay, felt-making, sewing, drawing & painting and more. Your child will be encouraged to learn the parameters of each medium, be shown examples and demonstrations and then set off on their own to explore and create. They will use tools and materials to express themselves while developing fine-motor-skills, goal-setting techniques, and having successful outcomes. We often have multiple projects on the go simultaneously and work together to complete each one at the students pace. Fun is key, and we love to let the kids explore alongside other creative classmates and leaders.

Crafty Kiddos:

This class is designed to be a creative multi-media exploration for your child aged 3-5. Each week we will read a story together and create an art project based on the story. You and your little one will work together exploring the medium we're working with, and will be encouraged to focus on the process rather than the outcome. We'll ask lots of questions about the experience as we go to help develop a creative vocabulary. How does it feel on your hands? What is happening in your picture? What are the different ways to use that tool? As a parent, you will learn simple tricks and techniques for helping small hands to use paintbrushes, mold clay, sew, or use scissors. 

Crafty Tots & Parents:

This Early Childhood class (age 1-3) is intended to introduce little ones to the tactile and colourful possibilities that exist through imaginative and hands-on play. Our experiences will be messy and fun, and will include creative skill-building, fine-motor skill development and creative social time. Parents will be taught useful and fun tips and tricks to use at home with their toddlers, and will learn to make simple games with household items. 

Kids 'n' Clay:

This class is a Cedar Hill favourite! Renée will lead the students through the basics of clay through hand-building, wheel work, glazing and more. They'll make functional and sculptural pieces while learning about clay as a medium, and will come away with a new vocabulary and skill set.