Crafty Philosophy

The Crafty Philosophy

The Crafty Philosophy is based on the DIY movement.  We think that teaching kids how to create objects out of materials that they see around the house or that come out of the earth creates a deep connection for them.  The act of thinking something through from beginning to end while keeping the limits of the medium in mind is a complex thing, and we know that kids can do it!  

Children feel such a sense of accomplishment when their ideas materialize.  That feeling is is their frustration while overcoming yet another obstacle!  Crafting builds character, creates connections, and develops skills from learning to problem-solve their way through a sewing project to sculpting a successful dragon.

We promote environmental awareness at Crafty, and up-cycle as many materials as possible to create our artwork.  Showing kids that they have access to things in their own homes and worlds to use as building blocks for their creativity is a powerful way to build resourcefulness and imagination! We also use only natural and chemical-free cleaning products at Crafty, and the children are encouraged to explore the visual and tactile elements of the Crafty Garden.



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