Weekly Schedule

A complete listing of the Crafty Studio's weekly schedule. Studio and community Workshops and Camps are listed under their own page, and on the Events page.

Crafty Studio: Weekly Schedule

Spring 2017

Registration Open February 15th!

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All Crafty Classes are Multi-Media   

Maximum 8 participants per class. Weekly classes are $25 per week plus tax. 10% sibling discount. Age groups are flexible to accommodate older and younger siblings together. Payment is due on the first day by cash, email transfer or cheque.

Schedule below. 

Registration ongoing and pro-rated until classes are full.

12 weeks - 90 minutes/class

Starting April 4th, 5th, 6th, 2017

Please scroll down for full class descriptions.


Home Learners Crafty Class:

1:30-3:00, Age 5-10 

After-School Crafty Class

3:30-5:00, Age 4-6


After-School Crafty Class

3:30-5:00, Ages 7-8


Home Learners Pottery Class:

1:30-3:00, Age 5-10

After-School Crafty Class

3:30-5:00, Ages 5-10

Class Descriptions

Crafty Class:

A multi-media Semester (Fall, Winter, Spring) of classes filled with process-based projects in clay, felt-making, sewing, drawing & painting and more. Your child will be encouraged to learn the parameters of each medium, be shown examples and demonstrations and then set off on their own to explore and create. They will use tools and materials to express themselves while developing fine-motor-skills, goal-setting techniques, and having successful outcomes. We often have multiple projects on the go simultaneously and work together to complete each one at the students pace. Fun is key, and we love to let the kids explore alongside other creative classmates and leaders.

Home Learner's Pottery Class: 

This 'pottery only' class is for Home Learners aged 7-10 and allows the students a deeper exploration into clay. They will be guided through the basics and challenged with a variety of techniques and projects. They will have time on the wheel almost every week, and will be encouraged to develop their own unique projects within the parameters of the medium.

Crafty Kidlets Crafty Class (Fall 2017):

This class is designed to be a creative multi-media exploration with your child aged 3-4. Each week we will read a story together and create an art project based on the story. You and your little one will work together exploring the medium we're working with, and will be encouraged to focus on the process rather than the outcome. We'll ask lots of questions about the experience as we go to help develop a creative vocabulary. How does it feel on your hands? What is happening in your picture? What are the different ways to use that tool? As a parent, you will learn simple tricks and techniques for helping small hands to use paintbrushes, mold clay, sew, or use scissors. 

Family Pottery:

This class is designed for creative families to spend time together learning the basics of clay. Kids aged 5-15 are welcome with a loving adult. We will learn clay basics such as creating bowls and cups with coiling or pinching methods. We'll also get a chance to try out the wheels and have fun getting messy side-by-side! We'll learn decorating and carving techniques, plus experience the magic of glaze.